PROOF Preferred Software

5Every chiropractor and physical therapist should measure range of motion and muscle strength objectively for all their patients. One of the main reasons to hold doctors back from implementing such an automatic system, is the fear of a time drain rather than a time saver. Also, will it pay for itself? And how quickly?

Proof Preferred Software is truly easy to install, configure, learn and use. Most doctors are trained in 30 – 60 minutes. After some practice with the devices on ‘practice patients’ the doctors are ready to assess their patient’s FUNCTION objectively, accurately and quickly.  Data is automatically collected, analyzed and entered into the database. Calculations are performed automatically. The reports are created with a single button click. Save them as PDF files and they can be incorporated into any EHR system that accepts PDF files. For example, based on customer testimonial a cervical ROM test can be completed in 90 seconds, a lumbar test in mere 60 seconds. That includes creating the report!

How does the system pay for itself? Please email to get information on how this system can and does pay for itself. Also check out our testimonials from actual users how they make the system work.

Our system is compatible with:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Wireless computerized dual inclinometer and dynamometer from Hoggan Scientific. Software-only option available for those that already own a MicroFET 2 or MicroFET 6.
  • Narrative Reports require Microsoft Word 2007, Word 2010

Please view a few of Proof Preferred Software screenshots. Please contact us anytime at 412.278.2040 for a live demo or email for a link to a prerecorded demo of our Range of Motion product, or register for a webcast with our resident rehab expert, Dr. Dan Reyes.

kennebec screenshot-02-300x208MuscleTestingScreenROMTest