What is medical necessity? Are you compliant?

Increase Productivity and Compliance by your patients simply by introducing the Lost Art of the Testing Day proudly presented by

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It is no secret that our business is a business of wellness and not necessarily isolated injuries. Insurance companies do not pay for wellness usually nor do they cover preventative medicine/health care. Make a move toward the future by doing what we are supposed to do on a regular basis and show both, the insurance and patient, what is really going on with them and get paid and increase productivity.

Qualitative and Quantitative measures are a “Must”. Don’t be left behind! Learn the Secrets of a Chiropractic Detective and make it happen for you.


Thursdays and Saturdays: 9 AM – 2 PM
Beginning in May 2014

Performance, Management, 6 CEU’s – $99.00 – “Advance Purchase only”

Agonist/Antagonist Ratios * Cogwheel Muscle Testing * Kinesio-taping * Functional PNF Soft Tissue Techniques
Rehab Prescription * Charting and Coding Guidelines * Passive to Active Model Management * Diversified CMT

Our work, guidelines, treatment and protocols are regularly covered throughout the US and Canada and in publications around the world. Experience the magic that is REHAB first-hand with Dr. Dan and learn how to use computerized testing equipment that is simple, objective and does not break the bank: Proof Preferred

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More locations and private group sessions available upon request.