What is Proof Preferred?

What is Proof Preferred

Proof Preferred System

Range of Motion and Muscle Testing is one of the most credible, understood, established, objective and accepted methods for documenting spinal function. Most Proof Preferred users are implementing range of motion testing, muscle testing, cervical physical performance test and outcome assessment questionnaires for all their patients (not just PI or WC) because they are consistent, reliable, and reproducible outcome assessments.

Our Proof Preferred system (Lite and Premium) consists of a wireless dual inclinometer and a wireless dynamometer with three transducer attachments as well as our software compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The software produces a detailed session/progress report, patient education report, configurable Range of Motion findings summary report and our cervical physical performance report. For more details, please download the PP Lite PDF.

Any of our Premium systems are considered an upgrade to the Lite systems. The Premium systems include everything that are part of the Lite configurations plus we add three narrative reports to support a personal injury or worker’s comp case (Initial, Interim, Final). As part of that we include the Croft Guidelines and the Stephen Foreman Major Injury Categories. For more details, please download the Premium PDF file.

If you are merely interested in the range of motion device or the muscle testing device (but not both), you will still install the same software application, but only specific aspects will be enabled based on the purchased component hardware. Options available are MT Lite, MT Premium, ROM Lite and ROM Premium.

Please contact sales@proofpreferred.com for current pricing.