Cervical Physical Performance Test

Range of motion and muscle testing are critical to developing treatment plans. Kennebec Proof Preferred documents improvement objectively and efficiently so you can test your patient’s limitations in seconds while producing detailed, colorful reports that can be used for insurance reimbursement and to get more visits approved. They can also be handed to the patient to show them that their treatment works (there is improvement), Most of the time once patients are pain free they will not be interested in further treatment. But if the patients can be shown in an easy to understand graph that their measurements are nowhere near the normal level, they might agree to come in to continue treatment if indicated.


P.R.O.O.F Preferred Benefits

Range of Motion is possibly the most credible, widely understood, established, objective and accepted method for documenting spinal FUNCTION. Most of our DCs, PTs, and some MDs use
the range of motion test, muscle test and questionnaires on every patient (not just PI or Worker’s Comp), because these tests are reliable and reproducible outcome assessments not only for impairment or disability but also for monitoring and documenting treatment effectiveness and medical necessity.

Check out this short 6-minute video that shows how simple it is to navigate through the software for performing a range of motion test and producing one of the reports included in Proof Preferred.

Demo ROM Software