Actual users testifying about the usefulness of the Proof Preferred Product.

“Thank you very much for your help today. I thought I was going to have to redo everything after my batteries died during my test. Your customer service is second to none always there when I need you. Thank you for exceeding my expectations on a regular basis!!! Can’t wait to use the new update this week!”

Jason Schroeder, D.C.

Excellent Outcome Assessment

“I have been measuring spinal range of motion on my patients for more than ten years and I’ve been educating doctors on the joys of proper documentation for the past several years.

While measuring spinal range of motion is considered an excellent outcome assessment, the difficulty has been with the time it takes to perform the test

and the time it takes to write the report. On top of that, I recommend in my seminars that to be the most successful with range of motion testing, we need to be able to somehow report the improvement over time, which takes even more time.

I have been using the Proof Preferred system for several years and I am absolutely thrilled with the accuracy of measurements, speed of performing the tests and the quality of the reports. I perform these tests on all of my patients, everyone from the cash patients to the personal injury patients, with outstanding results. I can perform a cervical range of motion test, with reproducibility, and print out an 8 page report with proper calculations and a graph in only 90 seconds. Lumbar spine measuring takes me about 60 seconds. Add to that the fact that Kennebec provides exceptional customer service – I am one happy customer.”

Gregg Friedman
Got Documentation Seminars


Measures Functional Deficits

Proof Preferred allows us to measure functional deficits, and demonstrate the necessity of care for the patient. The session reports have been extremely helpful for peer reviews, and the system has paid for itself many times over. Proof Preferred is easy to use, quick to learn and the customer support has been excellent. Thank you for a great product!

Todd Stafford, DC
Village West Chiropractic
Erie, PA

Outstanding Customer Service

…You have been nothing but helpful. The best customer service I have ever had for any product ever. You can quote me on that.

Dr. Peter Roy, DC
Bronx, NY

Excellent Equipment and Support

I wanted to share with you how much I appreciate the support that you have given this office as we brought in the ROM and muscle testing into the practice. I wanted let you know how the equipment has improved my examination, my documentation, my confidence and increased my collections. I have had the program for approximately eight months and within that time I have easily recouped my initial investment many times over in many ways. One, the muscle testing (97750) physical performance test. Not only is the PPT a billable procedure but it is great for documenting the initial pain and weakness a patient experiences post MVA. Further the results of the PPT and ROM leads to further supporting exercise rehab in office, chiropractic care and home exercise plans and gives an objective baseline for follow up re-examinations. The ultimate benefit in the equipment is that it gives objective evidence to document the necessity of care. Just recently one of my patients was sent for an IME. This patient had been in care for seven month and the insurance had not released payment. They requested notes and examinations. The result of the IME was that all the care the patient had received was justified and he recommended additional month treatment. This was with a low impact collision. The claims manager for the case released payment.

Initially I purchased ROM and Muscle testing equipment for use in auto collision cases. However I have expanded this to include medicare cases, regular insurance as well as general screening. What most surprised me when I started using the device is that I that when I was using visual estimation of ROM I was over estimating the patients ROM. When a patient can see a deficit they are much more likely to initiate care. So at this point I use the ROM and PPT in all my examinations.

I don’t know what gives more information in such a short period of time. A great product I highly recommend Proof Preferred!

Michael E. Hanson, D.C.