Range of Motion Testing Demonstration

Range of Motion Testing

Range of Motion Testing is one of the most credible, understood, established, objective, and accepted methods for documenting spinal FUNCTION.  They are consistent, reliable and reproducible outcome assessments not only for impairment or disability but also monitoring and documenting treatment effectiveness and medical necessity.

Kennebec Proof Preferred Range Of Motion systems consist of a wireless dual inclinometer and three report writers used for insurance reimbursement, patient education, objective documentation, and record keeping. The reports compare all the test dates for tracking progress and calculating improvement automatically.

We include range of motion testing in the following products:
ROM Lite – computerized range of motion testing with everything needed for reimbursements and proving medical necessity.
Click Here For ROM Lite Video Demonstration
ROM Premium – a Premium report upgrade to the ROM Lite which adds three narrative reports (Initial, Interim, Final).
Proof Preferred Lite – computerized range of motion and muscle testing with everything needed for reimbursements, patient education, and proving medical necessity.
Proof Preferred Premium – a Premium report upgrade to the Proof Preferred Lite which adds three narrative reports (Initial, Interim, Final).

Here are some of the highlights of this highly economical outcome assessment testing system:

  • Wireless bluetooth communications
  • Over 50 range of motion tests
  • Track progress
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Prove medical necessity
  • Increase attorney referrals
  • Objectify and document impairment ratings
  • One of the recognized outcome assessments
  • Single-click report creation
  • Compatible with most EMR/EHR systems


Our latest update includes single range of motion testing. This allows the doctor to perform a single range of motion test in mere seconds for those times when you are just interested in a quick evaluation, and not in satisfying the validity criteria. Just another way of making your system pay for itself.

Our hardware is used in several thousands of chiropractic, physical therapy, and medical facilities around the world. The electronics inside the devices have constantly been improved over the last 40+ years. Our dual inclinometers measure range of motion with accuracy of 1 degree. It is important to measure range of motion with the highest accuracy. Would you like to see more? A product sheet is available here.

Wireless Range of Motion TestingROM Lite

Proof Preferred can also be used to show medical necessity and prove the need for care as well as continuing care. ROM Lite offers over 50 predefined range of motion tests including the extremities.  Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Testing protocols are included. Furthermore doctors have the ability to build their own testing protocols.



All of our Range of Motion Testing products include the following:


  • 1 wireless electronic dual inclinometer; measuring within 1 degree of accuracy.
  • 1 wireless transmitter that plugs into the USB port on the computer.

Range or Motion Testing Software

  • Download link with the latest version of our software.


  • 1 detailed session/progress report (Long) used for insurance reimbursement, and proving medical necessity. This report shows 1 test per page.
  • 1 graphical session report (Short) used for patient education. This report shows 4 test results on a single page.
  • Our all new Range of Motion Summary Report showing all patient data with progress, limitation on 2-3 pages. Easily add your own introductory and closing paragraphs to this report.
  • Two Medical Necessity Statements


  • 1 year hardware warranty
  • 1 year unlimited technical support with free minor updates to the software
  • 1 year licensing fees
  • Online training

Please call 412.278.2040 for current pricing or send us an email to sales@proofpreferred.com.

Please email us to sales@proofpreferred.com for a link to a prerecorded demo of the PP Range of Motion Lite system.