Muscle and Strength Testing

Muscle/Strength Testing

Muscle Testing is one of the most credible, understood, established, objective, and accepted methods for documenting spinal FUNCTION.  They are consistent, reliable and reproducible outcome assessments not only for impairment or disability but also monitoring and documenting treatment effectiveness and medical necessity.

Our computerized muscle testing systems automatically create two types of session reports that can be used for insurance reimbursement, prove medical necessity, increase attorney referrals as well as patient education. These reports compare all the test visits and automatically calculate percentage of improvement over time. They also compare the left to right side, if applicable, and calculate limitation.


This system now includes the Physical Performance Test Report documenting Cervical Neck Pain using our muscle testing equipment.

We include muscle/strength testing in the following products:

  • MT Lite – computerized strength testing with everything needed to file for reimbursement, prove medical necessity, objectify and document impairment ratings, increase attorney referrals
  • MT Premium – a Premium report upgrade to mT Lite which adds three narrative reports to document personal injury cases with a special section on automobile accidents, includes Croft Guidelines and Stephen Foreman Major injury categories
  • Proof Preferred Lite – computerized range of motion and muscle testing with everything needed for reimbursements, patient education, and proving medical necessity.
  • Proof Preferred Premium – a Premium report upgrade to the Proof Preferred Lite which adds three narrative reports (Initial, Interim, Final) documenting personal injury and worker’s comp cases with a special section on automobile accidents.

MT LiteMuscle Testing – Lite

Proof Preferred can also be used to show medical necessity and prove the need for care as well as continuing care. Proof Preferred offers over 100 predefined muscle tests including the extremities. A large number of predefined testing protocols are included with the system. Furthermore doctors have the ability to build their own testing protocols. Need more details? A product sheet is available here.


All of our strength/muscle testing systems include:


  • 1 wireless electronic dynamometer; measures force up to 300 pounds
  • 3 different transducer attachments for testing large muscle areas, digits/toes, and a generic flat disc
  • other attachments are available fur purchase (such as an algometer tip)
  • 1 wireless transmitter that plugs into the USB port on the computer


  • Download link to the latest version of our software



  • 1 year hardware warranty
  • 1 year software maintenance agreement with free updates to the software
  • 1 year licensing fees
  • Online training
  • 1 year unlimited technical support

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