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  1. What is Range of Motion?
  • Range of Motion (ROM) is a term commonly used to refer to the movement of a joint from full flexion to full extension. It refers to the distance and direction a joint can move to its full potential. It is commonly measured during a physical therapy session or another course of treatment.
  1. What are the computer requirements to run Proof Preferred software?
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • 2.2 GHz Processor, AMD or better
  • About 2 GB of Memory
  • 1 USB port per device.  A USB hub may be used.
  • MS Word 2007 or better to support the premium narrative reports
  • Color Printer
  1. Can I install Proof Preferred software on my network?
  • Proof Preferred was developed to run on a dedicated computer.
  1. Can I use your software on the Microsoft Surface tablet?
  • Our software will not operate on the RT operating system.  It will run properly on the Windows 8 operating system but only with specific display configuration settings.  1920 x 1080 and Medium size (125%).
  1. If I purchase a Range of Motion or Muscle Tester now can I add the other component at a later date?
  • Yes you can buy one component today and add another device at any time. There is however a $1000 savings when you purchase both ROM and MT together.
  1. What are the most common CPT codes for billing?
  • 95831 for muscle testing
  • 95851 for range of motion
  • 97750 for physical performance tests.
  1. What reports will your Range of Motion and Muscle Testing Lite systems generate?
  • Our Range of Motion Lite system includes three objective reports. A long session, a ROM summary and a patient education report. You can track a patient’s progress and the results are compared to the AMA guidelines for disability and impairment ratings. Our Muscle Testing Lite system also generates 3 objective reports. A long session, a cervical physical performance and a patient education report. You can track a patient’s progress and the muscle strength data compares left vs. right sides.  Our cervical physical performance test is exclusive to Proof Preferred for cervical neck strength that places results in a compact and informative report where patient values are compared to gender-specific minimum norms.
  1. What does your Premium version include?
  • Our premium version is ideal for automobile accident, workers comp and personal injury cases where you want to present more information to the insurance carrier and referring attorneys.
  • Our premium version adds a comprehensive fill- in- the- blanks narrative report writer that generates initial, interim and final reports in addition to our standard Lite systems reports.
  • The narrative report writer will allow you to include the mechanism of injury and patient symptomatology. You can also include the results from your orthopedic, neurological and radiology findings. In addition there are 18 patient questionnaires, Croft whiplash guidelines, spinal exam results, diagnosis codes and range of motion and muscle testing results.
  1. What is the range of your Bluetooth wireless devices?
  • In most offices depending on construction approximately 30 feet.
  1. How many tests can I show on one report?
  • From 3 to 6 tests can be shown depending on the report being generated.
  1. How many people can be trained?
  • We never limit the amount of trainees during an online training session.

12. If you have any trouble with your software or hardware and you cannot get a hold of support in a timely manner, please read the following document for self-help.