Using Range of Motion to Your Advantage on a Daily Basis

Range of Motion on a Daily Basis

Range of motion is important because it can be helpful in preventing injuries to certain joints. Often when injuries occur, they result from having a limited range of motion. When people become injured, they find it harder to resume their normal daily routines. If a person becomes injured, the joint can become fixated or hypermobile, both of which cause discomfort to the patient.

Several ways to use range of motion to your advantage on a daily basis:

Range of motion exercise habits improves flexibility and reduces chances of injury. If done on a regular basis, the range of motion exercise can actually prevent injuries from reoccurring. Maintaining a regular range of motion exercise regimen speeds up recovery from an injury and can also prevent one from occurring altogether.

Full range of motion can be put to use when performing squats. This trains all of the muscles simultaneously while increasing other performance areas such as jumping and flexibility. Higher levels of fat are lost during the training while the range of motion produces better physical results.

Neck exercises benefit people with stiffness. Convenient exercises like these can be performed while sitting at one’s desk. One can simply tilt the head back and foRange of Motionrth and to either side repeatedly. During breaks throughout the day, one can alleviate symptoms of soreness and stiffness concentrated in the neck region.

Arthritic pain can also be alleviated with range of motion exercises. Sucking in the stomach to create tension and slowly exhaling actually improves your breathing patterns. The muscles beneath the ribcage are conditioned if done regularly.

How does range of motion technology benefit a person?

If a person becomes injured, they may be placed on a treatment plan. To measure the progress of a patient, range of motion technology is used. As the sessions are completed, the patient’s progress is documented. Range of motion technology can be used to measure the range of motion within a specific region of the body like the spine.

Proof preferred range of motion technology

The Proof Preferred Range of Motion Lite Technology is one of the latest innovations in technology. A wireless inclinometer is paired with several reporting mechanisms designed to facilitate the tracking process. Affordable Proof Preferred technology compares current data received during a session against previous session information to measure progress and results. The time-saving technology improves accuracy in reporting practices.

In addition to maintaining a daily range of motion exercise regimen to improve flexibility, patients can work closely with a therapist to accelerate healing. Accuracy in tracking is essential when performing assessments to measure patient progress. Advancements in range of motion technology created like Proof Preferred are designed to improve the tracking process for patients.