The Most Effective Ways to Increase Your Range Of Motion

A healthy range of motion is important for those with an active lifestyles and those who are sedentary due to illness or injury.

Advantages of a Healthy Range of Motion

Having a healthy range of motion means that your joints feel limber and loose, as opposed to tight and immobile (the way you may feel when you wake up in the morning before stretching). The benefits include:

  • Overall quality of life. The better your range of motion is, the more you can do. That doesn’t only mean being able to participate in a fitness program—it also means that you’re able to perform everyday chores and activities with ease. If getting down on your knees and cleaning the kitchen floor is difficult—or if picking up your toddler is painful—you likely have limited range of motion that is preventing you from enjoying daily living.
  • Fitness and exercise. Your range of motion will determine just what you can do when you are working on stretching, cardio, weight-bearing exercises, or a combination program. If your movement is limited, then you won’t be able to attain your fitness goals as easily as you would with superior range. Whether it’s daily 1-mile walk around your neighborhood or training for your first marathon, you should be able to complete the steps in your fitness activities in order to increase your speed and agility.
  • Weight control. If you are overweight, it can wear your joints down, causing early arthritis. Improving your range of motion will help you reach fitness goals and enable you to lose weight—and then maintain a healthy weight.

Medical Technology Increases Range of Motion

Stretching and strengthening exercises that you can perform yourself or with a trainer, chiropractor, or physical therapist can help improve your range.

  • Stretching exercises. Stretches that are done by holding a position for around 20 or 30 seconds are known as passive or static stretching. You can also stretch using the full movement of the body, which is more difficult than static stretching, but has the added benefits of improving your coordination.
  • Strengthening exercises. Special exercises called isometrics that don’t involve the joints will help strengthen and develop different muscle groups while promoting flexibility.

Medical technology can be used to measure and then improve range of motion, especially in those patients who are suffering from an injury or condition such as arthritis. Many chiropractors use advanced, 3-D range motion systems that can measure movement and then check it against a patient’s previous calculations to determine if joints have been injured or are showing signs of improvement.

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