Increasing Your Range of Motion

The term “range of motion” refers to the direction and distance that a particular joint in a person’s body can move between its flexed position and its extended position. Using specialized exercises to increase this distance can also be considered range of motion.

Factors affecting Range of Motion:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Level of physical fitness
  • Health conditions (arthritis, tendonitis)
  • Body symmetry
  • Muscle mass
  • Fat mass
  • Injury

Why is Range of Motion important?

Simply put, the range of motion in your joints affects your quality of life. Range of motion  is connected to your overall flexibility – without that flexibility it can be difficult to perform simple everyday tasks. Over time, bad posture habits or body movements, as well as disease or injury, can affect your Range of Motion.

Passive Range of Motion vs. Active Range of Motion

In order to understand more about Range of Motion, it is important to understand both Active and Passive Ranges of Motion. Active Range of Motion refers to a joint moving naturally through its Range of Motion. Any time you are moving a joint, you are practicing Active Range of Motion. Passive Range of Motion includes anytime someone is moving a joint for you without your assistance, the best example would be a doctor moving your shoulder or knee during an exam or physical therapy.

Increasing your Range of Motion

The best way to improve your personal Range of Motion would be by implementing stretching and strengthening exercises. Before any type of exercise, it is important to perform warm-up exercises that allow your joints to move in their full Range of Motion. Not only does this prevent injury from exercise, but ensures that your joints are performing at peak flexibility.

Which exercises are right for me?

It is important not only to do the right Range of Motion exercises, but to do them correctly. A healthcare professional can best assess the Range of Motion exercises that would work best for you, as well as give you the proper instructions to minimize the risk of injury. If you have any pre-existing health conditions, it is important that you seek the care of a professional as they will best know which specific exercises will meet your individual needs.

Advances in Range of Motion technology

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