How Technology Is Advancing the Medical Field

In the past 20 years, technology has advanced so swiftly that there have been new products and improved processes and procedures that have been discovered, introduced, and have started to make a difference in the lives of healthcare professionals and their patients.

Of course, the Internet has been the biggest change in the medical field in the past two decades. Not only does it help people learn more about medicine, well care, and health conditions, it’s used by hospitals, doctors, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and schools to share, store, and evaluate, and use a vast amount of medical information.

Technology Benefits Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Technology helps by:

  • Storing and categorizing medical information. Now, instead of paper, digital records are used, and costs savings are realized since less storage space is needed. Sharing clinical data, records and lab results leads to faster care. Electronic health information can now be accessed on tablets and smart phones.
  • Increasing quality of care. Medical technology has introduced programs that double check medications, test results, surgical procedures and more, helping both medical professionals’ care continuum and their patients’ safety.
  • Improving data mining. Consider how much medical information is generated each day around the world for billions of people. Using specialized computer programs to capture and then evaluate knowledge for healthcare purposes in the medical field is useful for doctors, healthcare community workers, researchers, hospitals, and many more.
  • Creating less invasive patient testing and procedures. Nuclear medicine, MRIs, PET scans and more have made helped to improve both accuracy and decision making—without invasive surgery. Advancing technology has helped surgical procedures become more routine, with better outcomes and less pain for patients.

Patients and the medical professionals who care for them have benefited greatly by the overall improvements in the healthcare field since the 1990s. Using these advances, Kennebec Proof Preferred has developed a full line of assessment systems for chiropractors who are looking for a superior system for patient care and documentation. Call us today to schedule a live demo.