Noteworthy links pertaining to P.R.O.O.F. Preferred product. Publications supporting Proof Preferred on Medical Necessity and how Proof Preferred can help prove medical necessity for care and continuing care. Medical Necessity – Chiropractic Economics – March 2013 Range of Motion Testing – American Chiropractor – October 2012 NEW! Dr. Dan Reyes with 123Rehab. Learn more about 123Rehab We are very excited about our brand new partnership with 123Rehab and Dr. Dan Reyes!  Dr. Dan offers training on how to use Proof Preferred to prove medical necessity and document functional impairment qualifying your services for reimbursement. Learn how to test and when to test realizing that soft caps exist and audits may be coming.  Purchasing Proof Preferred combined with Dr. Dan’s 123Rehab training system, will get you up and running on your way to returning your patients to pre-injury status or maximum medical improvement. Dr. Gregg Friedman from the Chiropractic Documentation Website. Interested in studying functional medicine? Please check out the Functional Medicine University. Florida Chiropractic Association North Caroling Chiropractic Association Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association American Institute of Personal Injury Protection American Medical Association Parker Seminars Outcomes Assessment Questionnaires Tons of videos, audios and articles on anything chiropractic: Planet Chiropractic We are listed on the following search engines: ABC Net Directory.