Kennebec, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania firm grounded in computer science and mathematics, was founded in 1999 by Daniela Birkelbach, a software engineer. The company initially specialized in software consulting for the transportation industry. In 2002, Kennebec changed direction and began to develop software to document patients’ injuries through range of motion and muscle strength measurements.

Kennebec has worked closely with Hoggan Scientific, a 30 year manufacturer of digital inclinometers and dynamometers, and Dr. Gregg Friedman, a well-known chiropractor and educator, famous for his “Got Documentation” seminars. Friedman realized that documentation is the key; the key to insurance companies’ understanding of test results—and a key to the practitioner getting paid.

PROOF PREFERRED was born as a result of these relationships. What is PROOF? It’s the






PROOF Preferred is Computerized Range of Motion and Muscle Testing systems.

By taking data from the inclinometer and dynamometer PROOF Preferred created easy-to-read reports to help doctors provide rock-solid objective documentation of patients’ injuries and limitations.

Using the American Medical Association’s Guide to Disability and Impairment ratings Kennebec was able to report percentages of limitations when compared to the norms of healthy individuals. With strict AMA criteria for testing validity, the practitioners found the information invaluable in setting treatment programs and monitoring progress. This information is critical to determine if treatment program changes are needed to maximize patients’ improvements, and when maximum medical improvement had been reached. Of course the referring attorneys were thrilled to have objective documentation of their clients’ limitations. Doctors, attorneys, and insurance companies all understand the need for objective documentation, and the Proof Preferred systems provide them with fast and easy-to-use software and hardware.

Over the years Kennebec has added new reports including the cervical physical performance test report based on a study by Dr. K. Christensen on establishing minimum normals for cervical muscle strength. In addition Kennebec developed their Premium Narrative Report Writer specifically for practitioners who want to include the orthopedic, neurological, and radiological tests they were already performing.

“Croft whiplash guidelines” were included as well as 19 different patient questionnaires along with several other sections that help document a patient’s case. Proof Preferred Premium Narrative Reports (Initial, Interim, and Final) include all the relevant findings, together with range of motion and muscle testing results, in one Microsoft Word document. A separate section is included specifically for automobile accident patients.

Kennebec’s Proof Preferred systems have continuously exceeded expectations and have delighted practitioners for over 10 years.

Insurance companies want PROOF—and practitioners can now provide it.