P.R.O.O.F. Preferred

Range of Motion Testing

Performing a lumbar flexion test

  • Wireless dual inclinometer with 1 degree accuracy
  • Compares results to AMA Guidelines
  • Excellent outcome assessment
  • Prove medical necessity
  • Document need for continuing care
  • Over 50 range of motion tests including extremities
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Simple but comprehensive reports

What is P.R.O.O.F. Preferred?

Positive Reinforcement Of Objective Findings

P.R.O.O.F. Preferred offers the chiropractic profession a dynamic, “fill-in-the-blank” report-driven system that allows a physician to efficiently and accurately provide powerful and objective documentation. You know that muscle testing and range of motion testing are critical to developing treatment plans. And that insurance reimbursement depends on providing accurate reports that demonstrate need for care and document improvement objectively. You also know how time consuming it is to perform those tests and record the results manually. But with our system, you can reduce the entire process – both testing AND reporting – to an average 60 – 90 seconds. We offer wireless devices for Range of Motion and Muscle Testing, coupled with a suite of easy-to-use, integrated software modules. The devices and their associated modules can be purchased separately or as a package. Want to see more? Call us at 412.278.2040 or email any questions to sales@proofpreferred.com.


As a healthcare professional you know that accurate range of motion and muscle tests are key to designing an effective treatment plan. Proof Preferred measures and documents your patient's range of motion and muscle strength quickly and precisely. You can establish patient baselines accurately and easily quantify functional impairment and soft tissue injury. Access additional treatments for your patients or return them to pre-injury status or maximum medical improvement. Our software suite keeps track of your patient's improvements and limitations allowing you to document medical necessity and outcomes and provide the reports needed for insurance reimbursement.

Online training included.

  • Personal coaching
  • In-office training available as a separate package
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Objective Documentation Made Easy

Muscle /Strength Testing

Cervical Physical Performance Test

Cervical Physical Performance Test








  • Wireless dynamometer, three testing attachments
  • Algometer attachment available
  • Compares left with right sides
  • Over 100 muscle tests including extremities
  • Document need for care
  • Exclusive Cervical Physical Performance Report
  • Increase attorney referrals

PROOF Preferred proves and documents the medical necessity of patient care for insurance purposes. Learn more….

Increase your Income

Quantify functional impairment and soft tissue injury. Attract new patients by establishing baselines. Protect you and your practice against costly Post Payment Review Audits. Prove medical necessity and get more patients approved. Increase patient retention and satisfaction. Clearly document limitations or impairment and demonstrate improvement over time using our popular software and hardware package. All of our systems are configurable and devices can be purchased one at a time or combined as a system Learn more…

Easy to use

Worried about complicated software or extensive training time? Afraid it will be a time drain rather than a time saver? Training usually takes an hour or less! Doctors are typically up and running with our system testing patients and helping them return to pre-injury status or maximum medical improvement. Learn more… ROM Devices

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